i live in a nice, big apartment, do what i want to do, have a great job, travel, eat out when i feel like it, no kids. high disposable income. and my mom LOVES my boyfriend.
by american in germany March 20, 2004
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go pik up a guppie man, i gotta blaze
by staguitar September 6, 2011
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1.one who buys skimpy sacs.
2.one who bets on madden and loses more than $100 in one night and come back to bet and lose day after day.
3.On an onside kick the block time on the field for the defense.
Wow, Ridnher you sure are a guppie, and ya got ya some guppies out there on the field.
by Phatboy November 21, 2003
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When a person makes a pouting face that resembles a fishes face. Also someone who is upset is "guppying".
"I can't believe that pookie. She has been such a guppy all week."
by running out of patience March 13, 2008
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A female who has so much sex and is so slutty she smells like a fish.
Carla is so guppi and needs to close her legs.
by Literarydefineranal_v1 January 25, 2019
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Young male wigga aged from 11-15, acting ghetto although he comes from the suburbs. A guppy will hang around with numerous other guppies doing nothing. A Guppy listens to Hiphop but only that which makes it into the Pop charts.
Bob was acting a right guppy until someone gave him a good beating
by And What?! July 25, 2005
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When someone sucks ur Nipples to hard and they turn red
This random girl on the street gave me guppies
by Dickchocolate March 9, 2017
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