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Australian slang. A story that is highly exaggerated or blatantly untrue.
Muzza:I had a threesome with two models last night.
Wacka: Stop spinning a gundy mate
by Campbo September 12, 2006
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A term used when told by authorities for you to do something
Authorities: Stand up, and get me a beer
Child: thats a gundy
by Beev Cat April 18, 2009
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to be taken to a scary place and tricked into being scared by way of fake murder. And to then swear at the top of your lungs in the plaid pantry parking lot. Usually pops his own tire and is scary when getting into space. And also with give you the "come on come on" when wanting a hug
"dudeee gundys in spacee." "Dude we got you so gundy!" "OH MY he's pulling a gundy with that girl"
by Real G November 16, 2007
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Australian slang What everyone in Queensland and New South Wales calls the outback town of Goondiwindi.
I'm heading down to Gundy at the weekend so I 've fixed the spotties.
by klaatu69 May 23, 2017
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