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An insulting Jersey Shore name for tourists from the Midwest, especially those who are naive or who have never seen the ocean (or Atlantic City) before. This term likely evolved sometime after the release of the movie Fargo, which featured a major character named Gunderson.

See also bennies, shoobies, and Wally and Marge.
Hey, check out that gunderson staring at the Borgata Babe.
by Led Zeppole December 11, 2003
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To smoke weed incredibly fast, faster then the people passing it to you, who take their time and enjoy it, also able to be used for any drug, such as shrooms, cocaine, or even alcohol
you better gunderson that shit, i'm on a time limit
Dude the rotation was to gunderson for me i couldn't breath
We got the shrooms, and he gunderson'd that shit before i even ate one.
by Feelin' alright October 20, 2010
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the act of shitting ones pants and then shaking the poop out of pants and leaving a streak in your drawrs for the rest of the day
man my ma found my boxers right after i did a gunderson
by The Maa November 19, 2007
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