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Italian slang for close friend, best friend, companion, pal.
Hey Gumba, let's go to the ball game.
by Richard Caro January 09, 2005
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That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

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italian slang for a close male friend. can be used either for family or friends that the speaker feels are close enough to be in their inner circle. not to be used for a woman.
hey, gumba, c'mere, i gotta tell you something
by heygumba32 December 12, 2010
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It is an american-italian coruption of the sicilian word for "godfather".

Still the same usage as simply meaning "life-long friend" or the like.
by maleorderbride February 23, 2005
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A "Gumba" is a vape but when hoes from the ghetto they say "gumba"

It's a South African slang, mainly from the city, Johannesburg.
Brah pass the 'gumba'
- it will hit, it's 50 nic
by Peachy_peaches February 11, 2020
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1. A person who is careless in either actions or remarks in a way that is often offensive and/or sarcastic but usually not too serious. The term is used playfully because a person being a Gumba, much like the characters of similar name in Super Mario Bros., is not to be taken as a serious threat, just playfully annoying.
Many Gumbas don't know how weak they are or else they would never behave in ways that encourage others to stomp on their heads.

2. An insult used when you want to seem more polite than you feel. i.e. "It's nicer than calling someone a retarted idiotic bafoon."
(Looking at old pictures)
MAN: I can't remember when my hair was that dark

WIFE: Wasn't it a few weeks ago!? (referencing his attempt to dye it which he regretted)

Man: You're a Gumba
by Graymalkin42 April 11, 2010
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