Italian slang for close friend, best friend, companion, pal.
Hey Gumba, let's go to the ball game.
by Richard Caro January 9, 2005
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italian slang for a close male friend. can be used either for family or friends that the speaker feels are close enough to be in their inner circle. not to be used for a woman.
hey, gumba, c'mere, i gotta tell you something
by heygumba32 December 13, 2010
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It is an american-italian coruption of the sicilian word for "godfather".

Still the same usage as simply meaning "life-long friend" or the like.
by maleorderbride February 23, 2005
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My gumba can kick your sorry ass.
by Ruth November 23, 2004
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Get outta' my way, you gumba!
by Anonymous August 5, 2003
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A "Gumba" is a vape but when hoes from the ghetto they say "gumba"

It's a South African slang, mainly from the city, Johannesburg.
Brah pass the 'gumba'
- it will hit, it's 50 nic
by Peachy_peaches February 11, 2020
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