Usually used to refer to the head of an Sicilian crime family/organization (Mafia). Being someone's Godfather was a great honor in Sicilian culture, and he was expected to help in the upbringing of the baptized child, almost like a third parent.

The head of a criminal organization would look over all it's members in the same way, while he might not be related to any of them.

The term Godfather didn't really catch on until the movie(s) were released.
The Godfather settled all disputes within the family.
by Godfather June 29, 2005
1. The title of a novel by Mario Puzo.
2. Vito Corleone. Main character of Mario Puzo's novel, The Godfather. He was the head of an italian mafia called the Corleone Family or the Cosa Nostra.
3. The son of Don Vito Corleone, Micheal Corleone.
4.Usually refers to a random, nameless mafia boss.
5. A male godparent, a male person who takes responsibility of the religious education of a child at the baptism.
"I am the Godfather"

Jamie's godfather is taking good care of her, she's staying at his beach house in Verona.
by Schaheb May 8, 2005
a godfather is a guardian when your Parents die, he will take you in,
Me: Soph, my parents just died.. D: I guess it's time to go to my godfather huh?
sophie: I Guess so. Good luck! :(
by LaLaMex3 June 7, 2015
Sum quotes of the Godfather part 1:-
Marlon Brando - " I'll make him an offer he can't refuse"
by Dishu July 21, 2006
A drink containing 1.5 oz Scotch Whiskey and .75 oz Amaretto (usually Disaronno). A classy drink which tempers the harshness of the scotch with the sweetness of Amaretto.

The person suggesting vodka is a moron.
The Godfather is one classy drink. Most definitely not containing vodka.
by Juan Donne March 17, 2011
In the New York crime families of the Bonnano, the Columbo, the Luchese, the Genovese, and the Gambino, the term "Godfather" refers to the head of the family. Carle Galante, of the Bonnano family, was the last real Godfather. He was executed by captains such as Sonny Black, of who was arrested by Joseph D. Pistone in his famous six-year sting under the alias, Donnie Brasco.

The godfather of the Bonnano family, Carle Galante was responsible for the merge with Miami family boss, Trafficante.
by bornking05 March 15, 2007
an ingenious man named know as Don Vito,but most commonly known to as Mike Bradley,earned the name by becoming one of the smartest businessmen/medical genius/and most knowledgeable men when coming to rifles and weapons of the sort.If caught in a firefight he will go down w/ honor and guns blazing(as if he'll go down,that mans a machine). Highly believes in loyalty as does don Vito. A wonderful philosophy of his is "life's a business,Run it". He believes in family and protecting his own. When provoked this machine/beast goes into a habitability state scaring off weak pray by flailing arms and screaming tribal terms such as "kajjumba" and "jamango". Most memorable thing ever done by him is convincing a Canadian to make sweet sweet(actually sour) love to a grapefruit. Owned the world of war craft market w/in days using simple logic and thinking.Future terminators and sky net of the sort must know,if you try to destroy this man,you will be fucked in any and every which way possible,that is all. Many pages of a book can be used to describe the godfather, and many can be witnessed.if he so chooses to allow your prescience while not tearing the flesh from your throat for the fun of it. You must know of this man, he is legend and will remain as soon as he makes it to 4star general.
"damn dude that Abrams tank blowing off insurgents reminds me of the godfather,so subtle yet so fierce at the same time." "yeah,just be glad hes on our side,i heard he once made a necklace out of human ears and carried it around like dog tags"
by USMC7509 August 10, 2009