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A last name, rooted from hispanic areas such as Bolivia and Peru. Originally used as a term to describe the head of ancient Incan tribes, the word now has taken on a meaning of suave, strength, and amibility, and often refers to one who every person likes, both socially and attractively.
Oye vistes como Juan saco a esas jemitas...puta madre ese si es un guevara

Ay ase papi ayi esta tan bueno, voy a ir a hablar con ese guevara
by Alejandra Guevara August 07, 2006
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A awesome dude who gives no fucks about what anyone says... He is also very kind but can be a real bitch when u fuck with any of his friends or family..and he sticks up for what he believes in
by Lowkeytrppn April 19, 2018
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