used in conversation as a way of agreeing or subjecting to someones statement. used in the same way as if you were saying something is ok or fine.
Paul: hey bernard!
Bernard: hey paul
Paul: whatchu doing?
Bernard: stealing some money out of your mom's purse!
Paul: oh okay, that's guchi. I guess...
by Sloppybobtango January 31, 2010
underpants, scivvies.
Off came her guchies and it was game time.
by Jimmythehorse June 23, 2008
How dumb people spell Gucci
He spelled Gucci as Guchi
by Yuri_Dopted December 30, 2020
Robby: I had tea and crumpets with Chrisy last night.
Joe: Did you have any guchie sex?
Chris: Nah that's guch.
by size5ballz June 7, 2010
For something to be very good, or great.
Daquan that shi was hella guchi.
by F1.Mink February 16, 2017