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synonymous with good. used in place of the word in any case. to be used in the opposite way, gucc negative
It's all gucc.

This is some gucc pizza.

Have a gucc day.
by berta&vinny4ever March 08, 2010
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Gucc, pronounced 'gooch' is short for gucci. It holds the same meanings, good, cool, ok, etc..
"Yo, you're looking pretty gucc man!"
"Wtf did you just call me?"
"Gucc, short for gucci"
"Oh! Thanks, you look pretty gucc too!"
by ArtoriasIsGuts April 27, 2016
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Used in all contexts for all things. Primarily used to identify awkward people/things/body parts.
I am so annoyed, that little gucc has been following me all day.

I can't go to the gym guys, my gucc is hurting really bad.
by Dr Gucc May 18, 2009
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One who has diesel lips and enjoys shoveling poop on the weekends w/ his lips. Some one who is "gucc" likes 2 fuck babies and playing pool with his one testical. ALL THE GIRLS ARE WITH HIM!
man that kid is ugly, he must b realted to gucc.
by john doyle June 17, 2003
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a term used to call out a hot guy in public without them knowing;or a term used to say hot guy
catherine: dang you see the gucc right there i need some of that.
charlie: bet gerry is some good gucc i need . he can be our summer gucc.
by catherine fitzpatrick June 11, 2018
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