Grunge :- some one who wears comftable clothing usually baggy jeans and a baggy hoody/sweatshirt and sk8 trainers etc vans, duffs. has a very chilled out perception of the world and taeks life as it comes
some one who listens to the likes of nirvana or soundgarded
by gareth January 12, 2005
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The mortal enemy of the Scobe. Like the scobe, can generally be seen wearing a hoody. Except that instead of Nike, Addidas or some stupid rapper, it will advertise Kurt Cobain, or some metal band. Generally wearing baggy pants and long hair that always needs a wash, they do share one interest with the scobe. Hash.

Most grungers become grungers because they claim to not wish to conform to trends. However, in doing so the grungers themselves have become conformists. The only basic difference is the type of music they listen to.
The grungers were hanging around asking for skins.
by Snake January 10, 2006
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Usually considered a mix of a hippy and a punk. Chilled out guys and girls who listen to grunge: nirvana, soundgarden, hole, mudhoney, pearl jam, stone temple pilots and other Seattle based Sun-Pop bands and also alternative rock and indie: smashing pumpkins, sonic youth etc. Usually wears thrift shop clothing or hand-me-downs. Normally creative and well educated(which is why they live an alternative lifestyle) and usually friendly types =P
um just gave loads ^^^^ of grungers
by Leo the rabbi of rock July 07, 2006
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a grunger is usually a teenager that listens to grunge music such as nirvana,and wears dark hoodys and jeans and it is common for them 2 hav long hair , they are also usually stoners that r up for a laf but not always, they always hate townies who TRY 2 beat them up for no apparent reason as they will start on anything that moves. their music is great and townies suck cos thy r a bunch of non fashionable rejects.
by chris February 02, 2004
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a grunger is not someone hu is depressed or pissed off with the world. some of my m8s r grungers and they are the funniest people and most friendlyest people i know.
all grungers are, are people hu dress in what feels comfortable and dont follow fasion because they dont like it i h8 when u walk down the high street ( being a grunger myself ) and you get some townie takin the piss out of ya because they dont like how u dress to tell u the truth i dont like how u dress but i dnt take the piss out of dem and its them who are pissed of with everyone not grungers
townie - look at that grunger filthy pikey
grunger - (grunger hears this remark) dont know why you callin me pikey when u look like that
townie - (ignores remark because... well truth hurts)
by lynyrd skynyrd fan June 22, 2007
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People who dress in dark clothing and listen to decent music not like that townie crap that sound like it was made in a toilet!!!
by MIll BOI February 13, 2004
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Grungers do not really care what they wear. They think chavs are the lowest of the low, and that townies should be shot.
They are usually quite good-hearted, easy-going, happy people who don't spend much money on clothes.
They usually have a good register of language and they are often quite knowledgeable or clever.
Idiot: You're stupid.
Grunger: Is that so? Oh well.
Idiot: You're f*cked up and freaky.
Grunger: Ok then.
*Listens to music and ignores idiot*
by Steel Maiden April 10, 2007
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