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This is the way of life for most people. Why be yourself and come up with your own ideas when you can just copy everybody else? Also known as selling out. To go with the crowd is to give up your free will. If your friends don't like a Metallica, then you don't. If your friends think that its cool to jump somebody insted of fighting them man to man, then so do you. See how boring that is? America was founded on being different and not doing what everyone else is doing(how do you think we won the Revolutionary War?). If your thinking, 'man, this is lame', then igorance is bliss for you.
Person 1: Hey, check out this new cd from Rattlehead!
Person 2: Are they hardxcore? Cause thats the only type of music I like now.
Person 1: Huh?
Person 2: Yeah, well, yesterday my friends said my Megadeth shirt was lame and not 'hardxcore', and I just want to fit in.
Person 1: Dude, don't go with the crowd.
Person 2: What are you talking about? I have always been hardxcore.
Person 1: ...
Person 1: *Beats the shit out of Person 2*
by Faino January 28, 2009
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