Having sex with some to get back at someone else


Having extra rough sex with someone as a means to get back at that person
ex. 1: Yea, i grudge fucked your mom on you...

ex. 2: That bitch was mean all day, but she wanted sex later that night. So i grudge fucked her.
by Rickbauls January 25, 2005
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Hot, but mean-spirited, almost violent sex used to punish someone. Sometimes it's used to get back at a significant other. Sometimes it's used to make the significant other wake up with scars, bruises, and/or the inability to walk straight.
She's hot but annoying. I wanna grudge fuck her into traction.
by D.S.Machina October 24, 2006
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1: Fucking someone who you really dislike but would like to punish through sexual intercourse (often a celebrity and often in an aggressive manner).


2: Fucking someone to get back at someone else (usually someone related through blood, friendship, work or sexual relations).
Grudge fuck example 1:
Delta Goodrem

Grudge fuck example 2:
Your ex-girlfriend’s really hot sister
Your boss’ husband
by demo demo May 4, 2011
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A way of getting back at your woman who is married. You're mad at your woman so you fuck her in the ass on her house boat then you wipe your dick on her pillowcase.
My bitch pissed me off when she said she still loved her husband then we went to her houseboat and I grudge fucked her in the ass. She went to clean her pooper then I wiped my dick on her pillowcase.
by Big Polla August 15, 2011
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Having hard, hot, wild, violent, satisfying sex with someone (else) to exersize the deamons of a former BF, GF, or lover you just broke up with.
I need a good grudge fuck to get over her.
by JessAstroman July 15, 2006
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Having sex with someone for the purpose of getting back at another person. Also used as an insult refering to another's lineage.
You look like the product of a grudge fuck.
by snapp January 20, 2004
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When your significant other pisses you off to the extent that you no longer want to be with them. So you fuck them one last time real good just to remind them that they just lost some good ass pussy!
Man the bitch grudge fucked me; she fucked me last night then called me this morning and told me to come get my shit outta her house!
by that #$@!^ September 22, 2010
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