When you have transcended time and space and become the perfect human being, filled with charm, wit, and swager.
Having reached the limits of goodness, Pubert realized he was gruberized.
by Sir Ron-O April 16, 2003
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in a moment of sheer ecstacy, when life could not get any better then you have been gruberized.
I hope tonight at the throw down I can get gruberized
by william longhorn gruber IV April 14, 2003
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(Verb) To mislead the public into believing lies to achieve personal ideological laws pass.
by Cree Wise November 14, 2014
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John Gruber is grubering everybody by accidentally saying that Obamacare was intentionally written so that stupid voters couldn't understand it.
by FBHO November 14, 2014
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A sexual panther. A man who is well endowed, and knows how to use what he has. He gets the ladies. Other men envy him.
Did you see it? That dude is a total Gruber!

Man, that kid was playing the ladies like a total Gruber.
by I get the ladies January 20, 2010
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When someone lies to you and gets away with it, especially if they brag about it to someone after. The act of being grubered is grubering when someone is in the act of trying to pull one over on you.
Greg was grubered by John when he bought his neighbors lawn mower, then found out how poorly the mower ran. Later, John was bragging to Nancy about how he had grubered Greg. When speaking to a friend about a transaction you think they were ripped off on. Aw man, you've been grubered!
by quickslvr November 14, 2014
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1. An act of malicious compliance that screws over your co workers

2. The act of contaminating community food with your fingers or a licked spoon
This job just got grubered

That pickle jar has been grubered
by TeamCook April 7, 2021
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