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When a person begins to use simple phrases from a foreign language that they either barely know or don't know at all in an attempt to look cool. Foreignficators love to use the language to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' or to cuss their friends out.
Mel: Alright man, I have to get off the phone now.

Shameless Foreignficator: Bonjour monstre!

Mel: Why are you speaking french? We're in America.

Shameless Foreignficator: Votre maman.

Mel: I swear dude, if you just 'your mom' again we can't be friends anymore. I'm tired of all this foreignfication!!
by prettydangflyy August 27, 2008
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n. Another word for a young ladies' breasts. Popularized by the misheard lyrics of the Pussycat Dolls' song "When I Grow Up"
Marcia's friends convinced her the slang term for breasts was groupies, leaving her Health teacher severely confused by most of her answers that semester.
by prettydangflyy September 21, 2008
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The day occurring before Friday, also known as Thursday. Known as a subtle way to slip the word Friday into an otherwise sucktastic day.
1: Today's pre-Friday, can I get a woot woot?!

2: We still have school on Friday, you know that right?
by prettydangflyy May 20, 2008
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noun: When a person attempts to be sarcastic, but the other person believes their words to be serious.

a: OMG I weigh 115, I'm an effing elephant!

b: Yes we might as well call you Dumbo and give you wings.

a: What do you mean?

b: Chillax! Don't be realcastic.
by prettydangflyy January 05, 2008
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