The opposites of sellouts, they say whatever they want no matter how stupid most trendy squares will think it sounds.
Originating from Cramshananteen Arabia, they rap about peanuts, good girls and bad girls, sch55, Mario Twins, and Sh7-Eleven.
Rag on bands like Backshotte babies, Wink 152, Katt Rock, Puff Doggy, and britney spanks. Also covered a MC Hammer song.
Sadly since the vocalist Hashmeer Shashmeer quit, no new albums have been seen for some time.
Katt Rock, you try to singh but you can'tte. Maybe cuz you forgowt to putte deoderanth!

they have website at do a look back
by 0niTTRay September 12, 2004
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One of the greatest rap groups around at the moment. Not taking themselves seriously and showing up the fakes.
You know that song by Group X?
You know..I just want Bang Bang Bang.
Oh yeah HAHA that is some good shit.
by brendan July 01, 2004
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They're from Georgia, guys.
Hashmeer, Blade, and Rex grew up in Georgia where they learned from Zell Miller the REAL reason Americans suck.
by kasamayomama December 09, 2004
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group of arabian musicians creating famous music used in famous flash animations like schfifty five or mario twins
shiggity shiggity shwa!
guees what idiiot!

(mario twins- by group x)
by BObo D. HObo April 28, 2004
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Terrorist Group of Arabs that came up with the genius song "I just want BANG BANG BANG"
I don't want relationship, I just want BANG BANG BANG
by Crack Daddy Welfare April 19, 2003
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The more common way to spell Gröûp X

Think of them as the Borats of music

They are frowm Cramshananteen, Saudi Arabia. (aka America)

The members are Hashmeer Shashmeer, Blade aka DJ Pattiecake, and Rex aka DJ Rocksolid.

Since Hashmeer reunite with Baind, new Song 'What to Use (Heiney on the Hepp)' now being record for single release
I eat peanuts every day
Feels so good when I have them in my haind
I do not care what the people say
Cause if I don't got my peanuts then I'm in pain
They've got vitamins and minerals
Make me strong as you can tell
They make me a lyrical general
You don't eat peanuts go to the hell
You can do 200 push up
If you eat peanuts a lot
Then you get the girls with a really good butt
And they let you put the peepee right in the crackshot
Peanuts good, potato chips bad
Peanuts are the best snack I ever had
They have so good smelly scent
But you better look out for the elephant
Cause he took my peanuts while I was on the poop pot
And he looked me in the face, said he did not
So if you took my peanuts then your gonna get a punch
Cause I need a good snack to go with my lunch

lyrics to peanuts by Group x
by huge group x fan! July 27, 2007
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