Terminology used to express someone who works on the internet or who is working on the internet.
"What's going down bro? Not much man, just out here e-grindin'."

"Damn, I've been on the computer e-grindin' for 14 hrs straight, I need to take a break."
by BFochs January 22, 2009
Jack was grindin in the kitchen next to the stove with a pot of coke and some Arm & Hammer
by YouR PuSHa September 14, 2003
to succeed by achieving through ambition. refers to using a talent or skill which u possess, that you're in line with (as in mind, body, and spirit), by working hard to put your thoughts into action, so that u may reap what u sow in a bounty plentiful way that is @ odds with natural law by willingness to sacrifice because of your faith. the sweat is the first fruits of your labor, cause the only way up is down so u getting down on that level, working up a great deal of perspiration so that u may rise up to the vision u seek to attain, to connect & balance truth & reality. its a positive acknowledgment, visible sightings of a visual you, its where faith and destiny agreed to meet up, set the stage, pull the curtains back and shine a light on you. so keep doing what u do! it can be used as a descriptive word or enhancer, an adv., an adj., a verb, a noun, or any positive expression like "straight", "thats was upp" & "act like u knew", so pretty much all parts of speech without changing form of lettering. like a f****** super hero of word world
A: yeah, if he stays sweaty grindin' on his sweaty grindin' grind, he's goin' be famous, no doubt !

B: shit, he already sounds famous! he could use a lil tweak of upgraded ability, like some state of the art equipment!

A. yeah, he's maxing out the extending best to sell his vision to a dream weaver to mentor him to transformation beyond his limit of imagination

B. he's goin' make it happen, his work speaks for itself, them some sweaty grindin' sweet beats i hear, man, i'm a believer!
lesbian love. the act of sensually stroking two pussy together.
Buster: Yo, I peeped through the window and saw these two freaks puzzy grindin....
Trick: Awww son, you should have went in son...
Buster: I know son, them bitches was fine ass hell...
by casenut #9876543210 June 26, 2005
about to bust some niggas in tha ass.otha words on tha way to do a drive by
grindin u no what i keep in tha lining, niggas betta stay in line when they a nigga like me shineing
by onipakcalb October 18, 2003
Stump Grindin' occurs when a man and a woman have sex in the missionary position. The man has his legs cut off at the knee. This poses an awkward thrusting resembling that of midget porn in fast forward.
Jimmy: "Wow, did you hear about what happened last night with Tina?"
Geoffrey: "No, what?"
Jimmy: "She was stump grindin' with that amputee."
Geoffrey: "OH SHI-"
by SirGrindsalot October 3, 2008
To work hard for

To sacrifice for
I'm grinding for my family...

what are you Grindin for ?

I'm grindin ,so I'm not goin to the club ...
by Thuro July 21, 2017