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She is the greatest person ever. That's enough said. She's changed my life and been the greatest person i ever could have wanted. She makes me happy and makes each day worth living. Just to see her beautiful face and kiss her sweet lips while looking into her deep blue eyes makes me smile, hell just thinking about it. She litterally is the girl of my dreams. If anyone asked me 'what my dream girl' was like i had a very good definition and even how she would look. She matches everything and i mean EVERYTHING! From the most desired parts to even the very little things suck being very good in bed ;)..but i won't get into those details.
Kari is the greatest person that ever lived. Anyone who disagrees will get their skullcrushed, set on fire and decapitated piece by piece to the bone and fed to the wolves! They'll love your fresh cooked meat as a tasty treat >=D
by Shadow0fDeath July 06, 2004
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A genre of music that is meant to be pretty simple. Many grindcore bands use basic riffs at inhuman speeds and write songs ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The genre was started by Napalm Death and Carcass during the mid eighties. It later evolved to have a bunch of its own subgenres.

Goregrind which is grindcore influenced bands with gorey lyrics, the vocals almost always seem to use effects. Some goregrind is: Lymphatic Phlegm, Regurgitate, Squash Bowels, and more.

Pornogrind is usually very simple and contains a lot of erotic lyrics or odd fetishes to make the genre more humerous then serious. Some pornogrind is: The Meat Shits, Cock and Ball Torture, Anal Bleeding.

Political grindcore, Crustcore, noisecore are also some other grindcore sub-genres. But i myself don't listen to any of those so i can't really tell you what exactly they're like and what bands fall under that catagory.

Key Grindcore artists: Napalm Death, Carcass, Gut, Impetigo, Pig Destroyer, Nasum, Lymphatic Phlegm, Regurgitate, Morbid Savouring, Meat shits, Neuro-Visceral Exhumation
Slipknot is not nor anywhere near grindcore. The idiot who posted that obviously has no clue what the genre is if he seriously thinks that. Don't listen to his words, they are pretty useless.
by Shadow0fDeath July 02, 2004
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Soulseek is the greatest p2p program of all time without spyware. In the early days it specialized mostly in Electronic music, though now has a vast majority of musical genres from it's leaders and more well known artists to the extremely underground and obscure. It has many faggots and many cool people on it. Many of the coolest members had long since left. Some still are around. It has chat rooms where most users hang out, no matter how often or not they use the program.

Other names for soulseek: Slsk, SL, Jewseek.
My Soulseek ID: Shadow0fDeath. If you like metal chat with me or swap files. =)
by Shadow0fDeath July 05, 2004
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Dimmu Borgir is a norwegian symphonic black metal band who have quickly gained popularity over the years.

Also refer to dummy burger
Pronounced Dummy Burger or Dih-moo-bore-gear
by Shadow0fDeath June 30, 2004
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see soulseek. Also to correct the last entry a majority of people are not racists. Also if you're t3h hipsterz fuck off slsk, we don't want trendwhores finding it and RIAA ruining our fun :'(
read my definition on soulseek. It'll give you all the info you need. Oh and someone tell UD to stop giving a shit how long my example is. My example is not needed here. :)
by Shadow0fDeath July 05, 2004
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the beginning...

Also the name of a death metal band from florida. Considered pioneers in death metal.
Scream bloody gore is the best death album!
by Shadow0fDeath June 30, 2004
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1) The act where a group of males sit in a circle and jack off in front of a biscuit. Each one cums on the biscuit. The one who either doesn't or cums last has to eat the biscuit.

2) A rap/rock band that was formed in the mid nineties by a bunch of talentless faggots who some how in this world were able to get a record deal and sell out shows. They band can often be found enjoying homosexual acts with one another or stage and love to promote gay pride. Their name is really limp dickshit but the idiotic teen fanbase can't read anyways so they don't give a shit.
Has anyone found it ironic the band named themselves after an act that includes a group of men in a circle mastubating?
by Shadow0fDeath July 02, 2004
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