A sub-genre of grindcore. As you can guess from the name of the genre, the music's theme is well... centered around fetishes/pornography, the most offensive kind of music ever. Gut where the inventors of the genre, & there are very few good ones still around. Dead is another supurb pornogrind band. the songs tend to be fairly short (in the vein of grindcore, one mintue long), & the openings have audio clips from horror/porn moives, that sometimes go on longer then the accually music.
"Lips - the passageway to pleasure" is a totally grim song, dude.
by Mister Fleshcage June 8, 2005
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A subgenre of metal that is usually about intercourse or anything related. A lot of people think it's a shitty metal subgenre.
Guy: Pornogrind fucking sucks and is so disgusting!
Dirty Guy: I don't know, I kinda like it!
by notsalty7897 May 8, 2019
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A sub-genre of music. Is similar Grindcore or Goregrind, but with intense moaning as vocals.
by awkwardcornerkid May 18, 2017
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GrindCore with a porno theme. Usually about fucking girls and chopping them to bits.
This PornoGrind is rapin my ears.
by n3Kr0 October 29, 2008
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grind music, but with revolting sound effects ranging from farts and diareah to vomiting and killing, actuaally hardly any playing sometimes
example:- 'anal penentration', funny band they are
by chris neaves January 6, 2004
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type of metal infusing rape titles and grindcore music.
Preschool Tea Party Massacre-(songs:giving head to a shotun) which using lyrics create pornogrind
by HXCPYN March 23, 2009
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Self-assured mid 20's men convinced it's you they hate and not themselves and their waning self-esteem.
"oh, yeah I play pornogrind... you wouldn't get it. You're not white."
by poopybuttroundthehouse January 7, 2022
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