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When one masterbates and inserts a cucumber or a zucchini in thier butt and then pulls it out at the second they climax and takes a bite out of it.
John performed a green grocer on himself last night. He said it was great.
by teh744 September 20, 2008
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A derivative of the term 'broccoli', referring to marijuana. A green grocer is a weed dealer, specifically one who lives a semi-lavish lifestyle .. and deals in large volume. In the right context, this guy can be both a dealer, icon, and friend. This guy plays it safe and knows how to dodge 12. See 'Silver Grocer' for a weed dealer who's grown rich on hash. (In the trap at cesjds)
Guy 1: Hey man, you that green grocer everyone's been talking about?
Guy 2: Keep it low *whispers* Yeah I got that loud
by ImNotColbert January 09, 2017
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a name for a tinny house were one wuld buy hooch or wats commenly known as weed in new zealand
lets go to the green grocer and get sum veges
by bigs July 05, 2004
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