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A Jewish school in Rockville Maryland known for its heavy population of highly wealthy males and females that are interested in praying, learning, and hooking up.
Woah! Did you see that guy from the country club with the Lambo from cesjds? He's so poor!
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by master69shalom December 19, 2018
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A Jewish School in Rockville Maryland known for straight white males and females, who are extremely rich and dumb. However, despite this absolute epiphany of extreme wealth, there are still emo kids who vape, however they do it with airpods in.

Anyone who comes to school in anything cheaper than an Audi, gets expelled. And if you don't have Gucci, Dior, or Chanel, you're poor.

Wired headphones will land you a suspension until you buy airpods, and if you have a Samsung then that gets you expelled too.
Random Kid: Hey, what school do you go to?
JDS Kid:

Random Kid: *taps shoulder*
JDS Kid: *removes airpods and opens door to Lamborghini* What do you want peasant?
Random Kid: I just wanted to know what school you go to.
JDS Kid: I go to CESJDS, do you wanna see my lambo and extremely oversized house because I'm rich and white?
Random Kid: *fucking dies due to snobby white bitch overdose*
by HumanBeingWithArmsAndLegs February 07, 2019
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A jewish school in Rockville, MD that is known for its pothead tendencies.
hey that cesjds kid was smoking pot at the party last night.
by HEHRI November 08, 2009
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