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ass-fuckville. pity the fool who lives here. place where idiots go when eureka is full.
That fag over there must like it up the ass because he lives in Green Forest
by Peach October 16, 2003
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Green Forest, also known as Trash, is a small town in northwest Arkansas. Most of its residents are redneck cousinfuckers. Green Forest high schoolers are known to have parties all the time and are most likely to leave completely fucked up or not leave at all. You can count on there being at least one pregnant girl at all times.
“Hey, did you see how Blake knocked up Jennifer?”

“Yeah I did. Aren’t they cousins?”

“Fucking Green Forest kids.”
by Veggie tale May 31, 2018
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Type of disgusting mofo that always calls you when you have a lot of chicks around.It doesn´t matter if you don´t invite him. He will be there. And the worst part is that he didn´t even talk,he is too shy to do so, he just cums thinking about it.
He´s such a Greenforest! He always comes without being invited and when he comes he just keep looking at the people. I don´t want to know what he is thinking about the girls.
by lemonk March 07, 2010
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A severely fucktarded little backwoods hick town in the middle of BFE!!!!!Mostly inhabited by fucktarded card carrying ass goblins(hillbillies).
Jeet yet? Nah, d'you? Yon't to? Awight! By god....I tell you what.
by Mary Jane October 14, 2003
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