Random bumps, extrusions, and hills and valleys, usually planar. Used in 3D modeling and animation to add interesting detail, like that on the surface of the DeathStar.
"Yo dog, that greeble modifier really pimped out your 3D model."
by Matthew Highison December 07, 2005
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Used to define something that is yucky or discusting, in the context of a gross body function, or an being with gross habits as a whole.
That runny nose child is a right greeble.
Dam your one messy greeble.
by Lee Saunders January 19, 2005
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To be a Greeble (or ‘greebling’) is committing to the piece of shit that you are. It means doing the things you enjoy that don’t necessarily benefit you or advance you towards your life goals. It’s a term for those times when you just want to indulge yourself.

Greebling is a relative term. For example, if you’re someone who goes for an hour long run at 6am and drinks a kale smoothie for breakfast, Greebling for you may mean sleeping in and eating a bagel. If you’re someone who loves to party every weekend, being a greeble for you may mean staying up until 4am high on MDMA at a sketchy after party.

Other definitions of greeble include “small bumps or particles” this is derived from the small particles of drugs you put in your body while greebling

See also partying
Person 1: “Hey man you greebling tonight?”

Person 2: “nah man I got work in the morning, no greebles for me”

“I greebled hard last night and woke up on a bare mattress with a bunch of strangers”

“Becky is the Greeble Queen”
by Greeblequeen June 06, 2019
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The small, spherical particles made by rubbing boogers in a circular motion between the thumb and index finger. This is typically done after picking ones nose in order to discard the boogers (particularly when there is nothing on which to whipe your finger).

An important characteristic of greebles is that, after drying, they become hard. This gives them a scratchy or abrasive quality which makes them undesirable when deposited in bed sheets or on couch cushions.
Dude #1: Dude!? Quit getting your greebles in my car!

Dude #2: What do you want me to do, bro? Wipe it on my jeans?
by Bravo Golf Hotel September 13, 2013
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When you get so high that you can barely walk, resulting in you feeling like the goofiest guy around
by absolute clown fool man March 20, 2021
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germs, coodies, nasty unseen bacteria, yuckies, mcnasties
that hitchhiker i picked up left his ass greebles all over the back seat of my car! go take a shower and wash off all those sweat greebles!
by mr stickel February 26, 2010
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Look at that gross girl.

Don't make fun, she can't help that she's such a greeble.
by socky72 January 03, 2011
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