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Someone who takes food (or drink) from a store and eats it in the store while looking around.
Ryan and Jake are such GRAZERS, they never pay for anything, they just walk through the store eating rice krispie treats and drinking yoohoos.
by Jake Burkett March 13, 2008
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A person, like myself, who eats food at sporadic intervals during the day, only when hungry.

The opposite to a gorger. See 'gorger'
GORGER: 'Are you going to finish that dinner?' GRAZER: 'No'

GORGER: 'Why?'

GRAZER 'I've had enough, I'm no longer hungry'

GORGER 'Waste not, want not'

Picks up grazers plate and finishes grazers meal.
by Nick1401 October 30, 2007
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A foul and deplorable person who scoffs munch all over a supermarket. Can refer to a customer or an employee. It is an act of gross misconduct and a sackable offence. The most common form of Grazing occurs in the produce section, grapes being the number 1 grazed product in the UK. An employee caught grazing will have "Grazer" posters put up in staff rooms as a person to watch out for. You do not want to be glassed as a "Known Grazer" or people will start following you round when you do your shopping.
That Nathan is such a Grazer, he got caught Grazing at Tesco and ate all the grapes in the store. His dismissal form reads "Known Grazer". Armed with grapes and dangerous.
by Unrulyvictim August 14, 2016
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n. When you take a very sticky crap and it grazes your balls, leaving a brown streak.
Oh, man, did you hear about Frank?

No, what happened?

He was getting blow job from Becca then she threw up.

Really? Why?

Turns out he took a grazer not ten minutes earlier.

by LobsterSausage February 11, 2011
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One who just grazes the fields...takes numerous smoke breaks, plays on the computer all day at work, someone who just floats throughout the day.
"Chris another break? You are such a grazer!"
by Al Cacace June 30, 2006
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A female that is so fat it looks like a cow grazing the fields.
Holy shit look how fat that bitch is,what a grazer moooooooo.
by boss_bo_boss June 01, 2014
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