Northen IL town. one the best places to live in lake county IL. You live in grayslake ur pretty well off.
Great fishing lake in grayslake!
by llgg February 7, 2009
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A suburban town North of Chicago, Illinois. Used to be cool. Now everybody does drugs and pulls blades at school, even though they're only 12. Turning into one fucked up town.
Civilian 1: What is happening to good ol' G-Lake?
Civilian 2: Hell if I know... Grayslake is going in the pooper!
Civilian 3: Man, I gotta get out of this whack town.
by sheismeisyou March 21, 2010
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It should be gayslake north , home of the gays. A place where being straight is a minority and using juuls are cool.
Hey you go to grayslake north? You must be gay .
by NigiltheKngiht January 23, 2018
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Pretty cool town in Northern Illinois. Half the high school smokes, but everyone's pretty down with each other and its a good environment for outdoor activity.
"Dude, Grayslake, Illinois is a sick town." "It's so awesome.
by MrGreenSpaniel March 19, 2011
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A place where wiggers roam the halls and the freshman look like seniors and the seniors look like freshman. Everybody is addicted to nicotine and only go to the bathroom to use their juuls.
Grayslake North is full of nicotine fiends
by Mayspen January 7, 2018
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A concentration camp located in Grayslake, Illinois. They feed you rations of boxed pizzas and milk. A school where basic white girls roam the hallways in their Ivory Ella shirts and dirty "white" converse. Where teachers work you for free and force you to do things. Where kids get suspended for calling people roaches and mocking other students.
Fucking basics walking around with ivory ella shirts, black leggings, white converse, and low ponytails everyday at Grayslake Middle School.
by bitch you thought March 21, 2017
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