I was the first to coin this phrase back in 1990 while on a U.S. warship heading to the Persian Gulf, and it certainly didn't have anything to do with shitting on anyone's face. The original term was meant to describe those suffering from sea sickness with pale, sweaty and sometimes puke splattered faces. After that it was also used to mean someone who gave blow jobs culminating in facials. I don't know how these sick bastards associated it with shitting in someone's face and I can only wonder what these butt munchers do with their free time.
1. " Hey gravy face, maybe you'd better lay down a while before you split open that gash on your head again."

2. " Hey gravy face, go wash that splooge off your face then come back here and dunk my pole you fruity little wad gobbler."
by Toby Gruntnzler October 16, 2014
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gravy face, a racist term given to a user if he's black on youtube, and being a troll about it.
"Hey gravy face, how about you do better arguments, and stop running your mouth, you nigger".
by anonymous22111 November 5, 2011
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When you are partaking in the sexual act of face sitting, and the partner giving the face sitting has a bad case of explosive diarrhoea which errupts over the face of the partner receiving the face sitting.
* Susie had very bad diarrhoea last night, she gave her boyfriend a gravy face.

* Michael has a gravy face.
by Andrew Bingley November 14, 2006
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When one is eating anothers ass and is unintentially shit on. Typically caused by explosive diarrhea due to the tickling of the sphincter.
John was licking Jen's ass. Jen unintentionally leaked explosive diarrhea on John's face. Damn! Look at John's Gravy Face.
by LucasP March 5, 2006
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The act of pounding and/or bashing a person's face into a wall or the pavement until their face turns to a gravy-like substance
"Lets make FACE GRAVY!" -- Goliath, Borderlands 2
by James moore May 11, 2013
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