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A mid-sized SUV introduced by Jeep in 1993 to compete against Ford's Explorer, and Motor Trend's "Truck of the Year" for 1993. Larger than the Cherokee, the Grand Cherokee is undeniably Jeep, with the brand's distinguishing angular and oversized wheel wells, seven-slot grill, and all-around angular styling. Models from 1993-1998 are known as ZJs, 1999-2004 are WJs, and the latest models, introduced in 2005, are known as WKs. Grand Cherokees have historically been overpowered, starting with the Chrysler 318 V8 in the 1993 model. In 1998, Jeep introduced the Grand Cherokee 5.9, named after the 5.9 liter Chrysler 360 engine they offered as an option. This special-edition Grand Cherokee was marketed as the world's fastest SUV, storming from 0-60 mph in 6.1 seconds, a remarkable feet for an SUV at the time. Jeep looks to be continuing that trend into 2006 with the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, powered by a 6.1 liter HEMI engine that propels the vehicle to 60 mph in "less than 5 seconds."

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an extremely capable off-road performer when properly equipped, with enough road-manners to make it suitable as a main vehicle in any household. It's distinctive styling has made it a good seller for the Jeep brand and a well-respected SUV to boot. It's powerful engine options ensure that you'll be able to put any ricer in their place

*Note "SUV" was used in place for Grand Cherokees merely as a convenience and for the sake of simply conveying the intended message. See example.
My Jeep is not an SUV. Your SUV is not a Jeep.
Your Grand Cherokee is far more capable and attractive than my 4Runner.
by the_juice February 22, 2006
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one of the baddest pieces of machinery that chrysler has made. (second only to the Dodge Ram)

the only vehicle I know of that'll take a half inch steel trailer hitch to the grill at 30 miles per hour and not even so much as skip.
The only thing better than my 94 Grand Cherokee Laredo with a 5.7 liter 318 on an 8" lift is my 99 Ram 2500 with a 6.7 liter cummins turbo.

No, Mr. Insurance Agent, I dont need a tow truck. I'll drive to the body shop.
by 7h0rn3 July 26, 2007
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