Verb. Derived from the notorious Bitcoin crypto-currency exchange site Mt. Gox. Once hacked, the compromised accounts of over 60,000 users, were inaccessible for several days as site operators worked to restore service. Several announcements were made as to when Mt. Gox customers would be able to access their accounts, only to be rescinded at the last minute. The Bitcoin Forums lit up with the posts of people claiming to have been 'goxed' when Mt. Gox failed to resume operations by their stated deadline. Forum posters would also continually troll each other with outrageous stories about Mt. Gox absconding with their funds to 'gox' everyone else.
This is the third time now they told me the check was in the mail, that I was supposed to get it today... Goxed again!

There's my car! I thought you said it was stolen. You were just goxing me.
by chodpaba June 25, 2011
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Fluxomed, Misled, Frustrated by inaccuracies, withholding of monetary information or resources and non transparency in dealing with BitCoin. once handled 90% of the total worldwide Bitcoin to Dollar exchange. After the complete user data base was stolen through a hack, or security breach, the site was shut down, and for days on end relaunching was postponed, leaving 61000+ users clueless as to whether they would ever retrieve their millions in dollars or bitcoins.
example: "That jerk sold me a NVDA graphics card, hes got my BTC, and I have no NVDA graphics card. He keeps emailing me though, Ive been totally GOXED!!!" (or "this is a GOXY situation")
by NO_SLAVE June 24, 2011
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When you push your penis into your foreskin, to pretend you are European.
"Yo, dude ... dude ... she totally believed my Gox last night."
by Debbie Dongalango July 12, 2019
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The complement of a cow.

Originated from the concept of DNA base pairing, where A pairs with T and C pairs with G. O and W seem to just logically pair up wiht O and X.

See also GoxNA.
We're off to see the Gox, the wonderful gox of oz.
by Gruu December 3, 2003
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a turkish guy that complains about dying in deepwoken and refuses that hes asian
velox: ur such a gox
goxgoxgox: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will solo progress now.
by veloxveloxvelox January 4, 2022
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