Australian slang for what you call someone when they act like a slut.
look at andrew, he's such a gou.
by tasaaaaaaa June 13, 2010
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n. Slang for male gentalia; penis.
Wow! look at the size of my gou!
by Marc January 4, 2003
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A biosexual guy with big titties.(Commonly used in insults)
"Wow you're being a real Gous!."
"Stop being such a Gous."
by Chipys November 21, 2018
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The name "Gou" refers to Marijuana
Ayye man let's smoke some "Gou"
by Ebonics teacher March 25, 2022
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Dante Gous is one of Karen Hausman’s many love interests on her Tik Tok and Facebook pages.
He is mentioned many times by Karen and is said to always be around wherever she goes!
by Willow10101 February 9, 2021
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Marikin Online series Antagonist, and best fish boi

If you kin this thingy you're chaotically amazing
Person 1: hey do you know Gou Kirimi, the fish boi?
Person 2: Do you mean the best chaotic fish boi?
by PantsuPriest January 3, 2022
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Dante Gous is Karen Hausman 's main love interest. She met him through Facebook, and they have had private conversations via Facebook. Multiple accounts claiming to be Dante have been created to try and confuse Karen. Karen has cried on multiple occasions about how much she loves Dante. He is mentioned in almost every tik tok of hers. Karen is already married. Recently, Dante turned out to be a catfish and a fake. Karen says "When all else fails I still have Ryan Secrest, 102.7 Kiss FM, and Harry Styles who I am in love with.".
"I love you Dante Gous, you took me all the way-"
by bunnyloaf78 June 1, 2021
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