A free spirit, a mature woman full of playful curiosity and mindful innocence. To behave in such a manner.
The woman would goslin her nights with painting and play.
by dberningp August 22, 2006
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Blonde headed bitch you likes dick in his ass. He loves sucking Ryan’s dick. Also he is very gay for Zac and Ryan. He’s got an inverted penis which gives him a vagina. Beau is very cocky and has no hands.
Girl 1- “Who is that dick over there.”

Boy 1- “Oh that Beau Goslin.”
by TheTruth25 January 11, 2019
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Nobody is quite sure where this man came from! Was it above or below from th left or the right no one knows..... Only one thing is sure his dad can definantly not eat anything of the bone. This term can also be used to describe bad weather outside
Jaysus man isn't the weather fierce Eoin Goslin outside?
by keith farrell May 12, 2011
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