Gordon is a random dude wich has a larger Genital region than Dan!!!!
"Dan:Aw man Gordon scares me"
"Dan:Cos hes got a bigger dick than me!"
by blehhhhhhhh May 15, 2006
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1. An extremely sexually orientated type of person

2. Can also be referred to as quite a nerdy person.
1. Girl: I knew him for 10 mins before he tried to come onto me.
Girl 2: Jeeze he's such a Gordon.

2. Girl: I was there for 3 hours but he played WoW the whole time.
Girl 2: Jeeze what a Gordon.
by Spaface July 21, 2009
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When someone continuously steals someone else's lines and claims them as their own, even if they have no clue what it means.

Also can be referred to someone who takes breaks during sex.
Guy: "Yeah that movie last night was BITCHIN'"
Girl (later on in the day): Have you seen my new bleached hair? It's BITCHIN'!!!
Guy (to his friend): She just Gordoned me! If that cunt steals one more of my lines I'm going to run her over.

Girl: That guy is such a BAMF...
Girl 2: What's a BAMF????
(Everyone laughs at her)
(Later in the day)
Girl 2: OMG my dog is such a BAMF!!
Guy: Do you know what the fuck your saying? *Slaps her*
Guy (to his friend): That's what happens when you Gordon someone....you get slapped

Guy: I don't know what happened man, we were doing it and all of sudden she needed a break...
Guy 2: Ha Ha you just got Gordoned!
by captainobvious1984 November 23, 2007
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A man that frequently forgets his wallet and is always hoping for a free lunch. We believe he maybe part Native as he is 1 quarter Cheap-a-wa
You forgot your wallet again Gordon? No this is not a free lunch today.
by puckhogca July 20, 2011
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