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To "poop" and "text" at the same time.
"hey man what's up"
"nothin much, just tooping"
"oh sweet me too!!"
*goes to school the next day*

"hey man, why'd you stop tooping me???"
"yeaahh.. i need a new phone.. i kinda dropped a big one and splashed all over my phone..."
"shiityyy deal man, shitty deal..."
by McOwners December 31, 2009

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An extremely overused word on the game Mobsters 2 Vendetta, causing you to get really annoyed/pissed off at the Godfather after being repeatedly told you need more of everything. He's never happy..
"Yo, Goombah. You need more heads" "Yo, Goombah. You need 50 more guns" "Yo, Goombah. You need 10 more Explosives"
by McOwners December 04, 2009

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