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A manga by Ai Yazawa featuring a serious school girl named Yukari (a.k.a. Caroline) who is asked to model the designs of a group of student fashion designers. The ParaKiss group is composed of: Isabella, the transvestite; Arashi, the punk with safety pin piercings; Miwako, a childish pink haired girl; and George, the mysterious bisexual leader.
Paradise Kiss is a very popular fashion manga.
by Adele February 25, 2004
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the state of having angst
damn. that girl is angsty
by Adele February 14, 2004
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Native to Germany. Bipedal dragon of absolute cuteness. Tail ended in anti-gravity spade and circles. Use caution when hugging. Emits projectile bubble hearts that may cause severe eye damage. Gets along well with Adele.
Starfyre loves coffee.

There's a Starfyre in my soup.
by Adele May 6, 2005
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Very very dark panamanian/jamaican/british loser. His feet smell bad. He breaks everything, especially beautiful necklaces. He has a ghetto booty and a pudgy stomach that's awesome to punch and pinch.
"I pulled an Emmerich today."
"Oh god, that's embarassing, I'm sorry."
by Adele May 26, 2004
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A jump rope game using 2 ropes. Two people hold an end of each rope between them and turn both ropes in large circles that cross each other. A third person (or more people) "jump" into the turning ropes (large circles) and jump when the ropes pass under them. The rope turners turn the ropes in alternating patterns and the jumpers jump twice as much compared to a single rope jumping game. Also, the rope turners and/or the jumpers sing specific songs while playing. Also used in urban-setting competitions.
Let's play double dutch! I can't turn the ropes for double dutch. I want to try this new double dutch step/jump today.
by Adele September 6, 2003
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An American-Italian slang word for someone who is Italian (origin:a God Father)- Currently also means any male Italian in a derogatory way. (also refers to Mafia guys) SEE GOOMBA

Funny how Ninetendo uses the term "Goomba" and has an "idiot" bad guy that bounces around.
He's an idiot - yeah, a real goombah!
What a goomba.
The guys on the Sopranos are goombahs!
by Adele September 6, 2003
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