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Noun: Shotgunning your girl with a bong hit before you leave to do something important
"Babe you know i love you" *cough* *cough* ...
"Damn that's some good shit!" "Thanks for the goodbye kiss!"
by Phyphy May 19, 2016
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The act of kissing someone before he/she leaves . Instead of actually saying goodbye, you say it by kissing. Sometimes can be done on your partner before leaving the house to go to work. Sometimes can be done to end a relationship . You end things with your once significant other because you can no longer be with that individual anymore. Things are no longer the same so, you and the other must move forward in life. You don't want to dwell and hurt them anymore, so you say goodbye through a kiss . A goodbye kiss can leave someone in their feelings . A goodbye kiss also gives closure on that relationship , so the two can move on. Sometimes a goodbye kiss can be the last kiss.
Him: " We can't be together anymore."
Her: "Why!?? I don't understand!"
Him: " I'm bout to go."
Her:" Please don't ! "
Him : * kisses girl goodbye *
Her: " What was that for ??!"
Him: " It's a goodbye kiss."
Her: * starts crying*
by Jena74 July 04, 2017
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