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A really small town in south Jersey which is known only for its high school's wrestling and football teams, and the crazy colored smoke that is often emitted from the various power plants that are located there. There's little to do for the young crowd except for going to football games and wrestling matches, unless you count the four or five bars that are located there. Most people over 40 that live in Paulsboro have lived there for their entire lives and do not plan on leaving. The locals have a habit of calling it "Paulsburr".
Yeah, Paulsboro has a sweet wrestling team, but there's nothing to fucking do there.
by a87g July 02, 2007
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A town located in South Jersey. Not to far from Deleware and Philly. The "boro" smells like shit, looks like shit, and is an imitation version of camden. Camden people once migrated trying to get away but not too far, and found this place that smelled just like Camden, so the man Paul figured he start Paulsboro. Little did he and his migrants know, once from Camden always from Camden, so Paulsboro is a mini camden. It smells like poo, looks like poo, and even has a few "gangsters" probobly named poo. No one in Paulsboro will ever leave Paulsboro, only few get out. The men have diseases , the women have diseases and even the kids. So everyone there just has children with everyone there so they can all stay there and be one big happy family.
G: Ayo wat eva happen to jeremy?
Brain: ah, he ridin on the back of a trash truck somewhere.
G: Jeremy from Paulsboro?
Brain: Yeah, his ass prolly still in Paulsboro, like I said ridin on the back of trash truck.
G: tru
by Rocxy June 13, 2009
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