marked by alternations between two contradicting things, such as friendliness and hostility (from a term for a police interrogation technique)
I had to deal with the good cop/bad cop routine all week.
by Light Joker December 28, 2005
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A long-time tactic employed in police interrogation, to force a suspect to drop his guard and open up. Now, a duality threatening the fabric of American social justice.
Standing in a line of peaceful protestors seeking acknowledgment of racial injustice, unsure as to whether the well-armed men before him would protect him or attack him, he saw clearly - the good cop bad cop routine had taken to the streets.
by Monkey's Dad June 13, 2020
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A very risky sexual endeavor likely to be confused as rape. To successfully complete the good cop/bad cop routine, two male friends, similar in body mass and height, must first plan how the routine is to be carried out. One friend (the good cop) must ask his girlfriend or other "partner" to participate in foreplay. The good cop must dress up as a police officer and proceed to handcuff the female to the bed. He then must put on a mask and and leave the room. After leaving the room he is to hand the mask off to his friend (the bad cop) and tag him in. The bad cop, dressed exactly as the good cop, is then free to complete whatever sexual activity he wants on the female. It is considered common courtesy to remove the mask and reveal the true identity of the bad cop, but it is optional to leave the mask on and switch back without the female finding out.
Hey Brandt, do you want to Good Cop/Bad Cop your girlfriend this weekend?
Yes, I think she will be very surprised!
by AllIDoIsWIN1134 March 24, 2011
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1. A phrase now used to denote a males desire to mate with a previously identified female,Usually with handcuffs.

2. A sexual act in which two willing partners go into a shower and the submissive partner gets handcuffed to the faucet.Then said submissive partner recieves oral sex to great celebration.

1. Ted: "Damn did you just see that girl?"

Dave: "Hell yeah I'd play good cop bad cop with her"

2. Ted: "Hey man how'd it go with that chick from the club??"

Dave: "Not bad man. Played a little good cop bad cop."

Ted: "Word?" high five
by BoxCar Racer April 6, 2009
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