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The term used by management to describe their decision to take away pay, benefits, or a job from an employee.

A decision based entirely on upper management being able to skim a couple more dollars of profit off from the company without a care or concern to employee safety, long term company effect, equipment reliability, or any other thing than pocketing the bossman a couple more dollars.
Manager: Well we have decided that you will no longer be able to take off holidays.
Employee: Why? I enjoy seeing my family. Why can't I have something that the federal government gives everyone else?
Manager: After some research the company has found that taking away your time and happiness is a good business decision.
by Workerbees January 24, 2012
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A term used by management when they attempt to look good to the inspectors, bill collectors, media, and regulators as to why they will not attempt to follow previously set rules and regulations.

This term is often used when something is taken past normal limitations and specifications.

This decision often saves the company from short term expenses and explanations but in a longer time frame can cost several times more than the early simple fix would have.
Employee: Sir, there is no oil in the engine and the manual says to immediately shut down and fill with oil.
Manager: After looking at the problem, we have used our conservative decision making that the engine must still be ran for the time being until we have the funds and a good time to add oil.

2 days later.
Employee: Well sir, I told you there was no oil in the engine and due to our conservative decision making we decided to keep it running but it now will no longer operate until we buy a replacement engine.
by Workerbees January 24, 2012
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