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known for being smokin' hot and banging, and amazing at guitar/everything else. Some would say that they are without a doubt the coolest beings on this planet. They are deliciously sexy you just want to lick it.
"Did you see Dan with that red shirt on?"
"Yeah, he was definitely not looking gonzalo today"


"Man, this weather is killing"
"I know, it must be like 1 million degrees past gonzalo"
by bunnyexplosion May 20, 2008
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A guy that has a fatass dick
Did you see his gonzalo?
Yes it's very big and pleasurable!
by kacey9798889wu January 18, 2017
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To Gonzalo. To interrupt or intrude anything. Generally in between opposite genders. To be the center of everything.
Dude why are you gonzaloing us, can't you just stop. He is such a Gonzalo.
by TheActofNothing August 23, 2014
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Standing by the side of the road with seven police men shinning a torch behind your balls
Ask gonzalo
by CLIFFTON February 06, 2014
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