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The person I love more than life itself.. He can be a jerk, he is the best person to talk to, he's a realist, he teases you relentlessly. You can kind of read him sometimes, not often though, you can really tell when something bugs him. Yet you still can't help but love him.
N/A Enkee
by TerraTheGroot March 31, 2019
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He’s very funny, endlessly entertaining. Honestly you’re never bored around Gonzalo, probably one of the most amazing people to have in your life. Gonzalo is probably the best person in my life and I wish he honestly understood how much he means to me. I just don’t wanna annoy him with how much he means to me so yeah.
“Ok Adele
Gonzalo is pretty cool
by TerraTheGroot April 27, 2019
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A preconception and false-hood of the mind that gives us "hope" for today's shit society.
You: I love her
Me: *watches as she fucks your best friend*
by TerraTheGroot October 21, 2020
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