(referring to a person)
when one such female is the definition of a whore in every aspect and her vagina hangs like drapery in between nasty thighs often popping out of her panties when she moves.
(not natural like some women unfortunately have, saggy lips that females get because of promiscuity)
these loose females are generally artsy or simply trendy and want more than anything else to be cultured and have problems in their lives.
the personalities of these individuals called "gonorrhea" are non-existent and reflect those of the current penis they are attached to.
"hey have you seen (name here)"
"oh, gonorrhea? no but shes probably out showing off her noodle like vagina to a new boy...just like she did last night"
"oh, did she meet him in the city"
"yeah. she said she didnt though"
"whatev yo, shes a ho"
by jb valkyrie June 12, 2007
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Gonorrhea Has two meanings, both Medical. It is most Commonly known as a Sexually Transmitted Disease that tends to grow in the wet parts of your body, but It is also known as "Diarrhea of the mouth" or "Verbal Diarrhea", its used to describe someone who talks a lot, almost as if their talking was uncontrollable or involuntary like Diarrhea.
Dude! Harold wont shut up! i think He has Gonorrhea!
by UnitedHospitalOfTN November 16, 2011
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