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Tired of hearing any of the words:
hoontastic, or

Alternatively, to "run out of steam."
Hoontastic? Again? I'm kind of hooned out.

Joan couldn't come dancing Thursday night because she was so hooned out from her Wednesday night hoonage.
by Mahmoud J March 31, 2008
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The act of transmitting something terrible, through someone else.

Often abbreviated "GBP," as to avoid social stigma.

Also refers to the actual contraction of gonorrhea.
I wasn't in class on Tuesday, so Jimmy picked up my exam for me. When I saw my C-, it was gonorrhea by proxy.

Which is larger: Long Island's GBP, or its GDP?

Man, gonorrhea by proxy. That sucks.
by Mahmoud J March 31, 2008
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Large, enormous hair. Akin to wearing a football helmet while not playing football. Popular among German women.

Not to be confused with gundi, the popular Iranian soup of turkey meatballs. You would not want to find gundi hair in your gundi.
Well, I guess it's to be expected that you have gundi hair after not cutting it for five months.

You're not getting in here with that gundi hair.
by Mahmoud J December 24, 2009
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A false sense of pride displayed by residents of GWU's Mount Vernon campus. It is often used as a mask to cover insecurity. Vern supremacy is not seen as a legitimate form of supremacy.

• Vern supremacist
• Anti-Vern backlash

You know those guys who live over in Pelham? Please. Their Vern supremacy is starting to get to all of us.

Vivian is such a Vern supremacist. She's practically an unofficial tour guide.

The tabbouleh at Ames? A clear example of Vern supremacy.
by Mahmoud J April 06, 2008
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