A person who does something correctly but in an odd way. Such as swimming, but looking like your drowning. Or writing but using all your fingers to grip the pencil.
That guy runs like a gomer.
by Kenneth Boston June 17, 2004
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Noun- A person or persons who displays an inability to function within normal social situations without being a nuisance, bother or generally an ass. It requires both an inability to function physically and mentally and should be used in describing a person or persons who possess both. Idiot references mental. Klutz references physical. Gomer encompasses both. A person who is not only an idiot, but has the physical ability to try to own it and inevitably fail.
Originally arose in connection to 60's iconic TV character Gomer Pyle.
by PseudonymIITheSecondComing December 04, 2008
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Derogatory term for an IRL IndyCar fan, or anyone who attends, watches or supports IndyCar and actually gets excited about it.
Person A: "Marlboro sent me some free tickets to an IndyCar event. I'd never actually spend my own money on IndyCar tickets but these are really good seats. Should be exciting - I can't wait!"
Person B: "You're such a gomer. Even if they paid me, I still wouldn't go. I only watch real racing."
by BigIRLfan May 16, 2009
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An old person taking up space in the hospital who doesn't have the common decency to die.
That old gomer from Scrubs that kept saying "Pickles!"
by TheCoolest204 April 07, 2008
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Someone who is involved in the agriculture industry, specifically the livestock production side, but is not involved with the showing industry.
I can't stand freedies. Gomers are half as bad. They just don't have the swag. #StuntinIssaHabit
by Phatho May 20, 2017
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A Viet Cong or North Vietnamese soldier. A less-used derisive slang reference used during the Vietnam War.
The gomer's most popular weapon was the AK-47.
by gourmando April 26, 2004
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someone who keeps coming to the hospital and they dont die but the doctors wish that they would
Doctor #1: "Omg here comes that gomer again"...*sigh*
Doctor #2 : "Jesus christ why wont he just fking die?!?!?!"
by Brooke November 20, 2003
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