The commonly used nickname of any mornonic poker player who goes on tilt when he gets bad beats against donkeys who do stupid things such as calling down his flush on the flop with low pair to catch runner runner full house.
Damn, look at how quickly he lost his chips after that fish sucked out on him! What a goldberger.
by Juan Montalvo February 8, 2006
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When someone crushes the other team so hard that he or she decides to switch sides for a better challenge. It's like making your own team hit an iceberg, but more satisfying.
Josh: "I can't believe how bad we crushed those noobs."
Hunter: "Yeah man, but it wasn't even fun. I'm switching to their team for a greater challenge."
Josh: "Aw, come on! Why are you always goldberging?!"
by Lavabirdgm July 3, 2015
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The Goldbergs is an american sitcom that premiered on ABC, September 27, 2013. The show is about the coming of age of a geeky kid named Adam who documents his family's crazy life. He is the youngest of 3 siblings. His brother Barry, is an overconfident, dim-witted kid, his sister-actually brother in real life, Erica, is a basket case, and is very popular at her school. His mother, Beverly, is overprotective and would do anything to snuggle with her children, his father, Murray, has a hot temper, and lacks boundaries, and his grandfather Albert (Pops) Solomon, who has wild antics and has many girlfriends. They lived in Jenkintown, PA and was a dysfunctional family.
Faggot: The Goldbergs is such a bad show! Its too loud!
Me: Shut up bitch! No one loves you!
by SavageScrub938 March 25, 2018
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The act of finding an idiot somewhere on the internet and using their silly posts to attack your political opponents.

Based on Jonah Goldberg's @jonahNRO ever present use of folks he considers his intellectual inferiors as props to attack people with different points of view.
Jonah: This guy is going to launch a rocket into the flatmosphere to prove his flat earth theories, just like you and your science denial.

Me: Hey, no Goldberging, just because I have questions about data acquisition and failure to verify and validate computer models doesn't make me a science denier.
by el Presidente Castro August 8, 2018
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The act of removing your pants immediately upon entering your home. Popularly- named based upon actor Jeff Garlin's character, Murray Goldberg, who does this repeatedly on ABC's hit comedy TV show, The Goldbergs.
I goldberged as soon as I closed my front door. To 'Goldberg', is to remove your pants upon entering your home. Goldberging means to walk around your house without pants on. No pants.
by DowntownMotown May 2, 2014
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name of german or isreali orogin, a jewish name. many immigrants moved from germany in the 2 wars to escape the havoc to america
by harrrissson robberrrts June 26, 2009
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To ruin everything. Including movies, tv shows, and life.
"Man you just goldberg'ed that movie!"
"Yo, don't Goldberg it"
by 4529 January 23, 2006
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