10 definitions by harrrissson robberrrts

a question asked to someone with a long face that looks like a horse
chris:YIII 29 days play time

hayden:why the long face?

bram:why the long vagina

tom:why the long wheelchair

everyone:Shut the fuck up TOM no1 likes you
by harrrissson robberrrts July 1, 2009
when you do domething really embarrasing you are said to have embarrasmentitis.
Doctor: congratulations you have a new born baby girl
Hayden: ARM WRESTLE!!!!!

*the newborn baby girl only barely loses to hayden, she has her on the verge of defeat for about a minute*

Hayden: YES! i won to a newborn baby

Everyone:omg you weakling you almost lost

Hayden: oh crap...

Everyone: haha you have embarrasmentitis
by harrrissson robberrrts June 26, 2009
name of german or isreali orogin, a jewish name. many immigrants moved from germany in the 2 wars to escape the havoc to america
by harrrissson robberrrts June 26, 2009
abbreviation for jewish american ginger
Someone jewish from america who just so happens to be ginger
Arthur: ouch, i touched my hair and burnt myself.
jack: stupid ginger
Arthur: ouch, i touched my foreskin but then realised that it wasnt there.
jack: stupid jew
Arthur: Ouch, i havent eaten in 2 minutes and my stomachs rumbling
jack: stupid american, in fact your a JAG
by harrrissson robberrrts June 27, 2009
A race of people that are so poor they have to eat their own babies, if they dont have a pregnant women they will try to steal the next door neighbours babies and for this reason they are always at war with their next door neighbours
Grealis: i have no money, i need food

Hayden:You can eat one of my babies just a minute

*Hayden has a baby*

Hayden:here you go

*Bram steals the baby thinking its a wheelchair*

Grealis: dam i really wanted that if it wasnt for the cripplazi
thanks hayden dempster

hayden:dont worry i no your a member of the baby eaters tribe
by harrrissson robberrrts June 30, 2009
a scottish dumbass that needs a calculator for simple tasks such as reading a book or driving a car
*while playing 301(darts) on the computer*

ben gets a double 20, a 20, and a 10

ben:does anyone have a calculator so i can do 40+20+10 its really hard

Hayden:shut the fuck up you scumbass all i have thats electronic is my vibrator

sol:i only have my knife

ben(to cole): HOOOT!



bram:oh crap my wheelchair broke and now everyone can see my shmeckle... or can they?
by harrrissson robberrrts July 13, 2009