"I'm really going through it. Literally everything is hitting me at once. I don't think I can handle It anymore!" said Nadine
by ajshdndnsk February 18, 2019
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“going through it” is a phrase commonly used by stan twitter, it’s used when something makes one soft or emotional
oomf just sent me a picture of 180110 jimin, I’m going through it”
by oceanmins July 21, 2019
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A very vague yet specific phrase usually referring to the after effects (or during effects) of partying too hard with your girl Connie (or Tina too). You can be put through it by someone acting trifiling at a party or hangout situation. Imagine yourself lost in a dark tunnel with no way out and a lot of echoes circling your head in an overwhelming fashion. That's going through it.
"Girl, you are putting me throuuuuuugh it."
"I'm going through it"
"Don't put me through it"
"That Connie is really putting me through it, y'all"
by twittertwattranny May 11, 2009
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Used to describe someone who is having an unusual amount of drama and bad luck all at the same time. (I encountered this expression on YouTube, actual origin unknown)
Did you hear about Joe? He’s really going through the gig right now.
by dutchboy September 4, 2018
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Experiencing difficulties and challenges in life.
Girl, I’m really going through the gigs. My arm broke and I lost my job.
by Thoughtcriminal101 June 11, 2020
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To go through your everyday life in a mechanical manner, as in:
waking up,
going to work,
getting back home,
watching TV,
going to sleep,

After an amount of time, it becomes really annoying and boring.
Makes you wanna kill yourself or start using drugs.

Also, an awesome song from "Once more, with feeling".
God, ever since the holidays began I've been going through the motions and doing the same damn thing every day with a total lack of interest.
Maybe I should get some pot.
by AdamZA August 21, 2008
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A descriptive tool used to describe a person or persons who can't decide one way or a other for to long.
Make your mind up hot 🔥 or cold 🥶 ,which is it ? They can't decide there going through the changes !
by dragonboy8586 September 11, 2020
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