use Google to ogle pictures of an attractive person, esp. using Google Images
I'm going to gogle Marissa Miller once my boss goes back to her office and I can reopen my web browser.
by Llamar October 8, 2009
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a group of people awkwardly waiting for something to happen; usually unfamiliar with each other; a pre-icebreaker group
A gogle of freshmen waited for tryouts to begin.
by Aussie C October 23, 2007
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You fool, You dumb, you absolute utter clampongus. You misspelled google.
Dude #1: The gogle stock is really falling
Dude #2: You fucking idiot you misspelled google
by Big Dumb Stupid Head bum April 22, 2020
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To walk into any store and take what rightfully belongs to you: everything.
Friend #1: Dude, we gotta gogle some beers tonight for the woods at Camp Wilton.

Friend #2: Totally. Right after we gogle some books from Borders in downtown Saratoga.
by stolenbaby February 8, 2011
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Gogled - from 'gay' and 'ogled.' Similar to and often accompanied by being geckled, this is when a man, usually straight, finds himself being ogled by one or more gay men.

Word invented by T. Fleener, who has himself been many a time gogled.
"You're not going to believe this, I was walking down 17th street in Dupont Circle and this bunch of guys just totally gogled me!"

by T. Fleener May 24, 2007
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The act of lifting your scrotum into your hands and then slapping it on someone's forehead so that your testicles come to rest over their eyes. Usually done when the person is sleeping/passed out.
I was getting bored with tea bagging people, so I gave that bitch the Arabian gogles and took a picture
by AndyDick July 5, 2004
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