Catie is a girl who can be annoying at times and needs to be reminded of this, so to do this you use this phrase to scold her. You can use this at any time when she is seen or even when she is not in the room. Another use is for the denial of any action and immediately blame the person called Catie.
"Look at all those stuffers" (reply) "Goddammit Catie (GDC)"
"I tripped" (reply) "Goddammit Catie (GDC)"
by Goddammit Catie August 01, 2019
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A meme that is used when somebody screws up.
Meme Voice: It was at this moment that Nathan knew... He fucked up.
Nathan's Dead Ally: Goddammit Nathan. I Should not have trusted you. -_-
by The ArchTitans March 24, 2016
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