an website meant to be used for online animations (which are ironically animated with flash), but is mostly mistaken by people to be an center for animated grounded videos.
Example of an normal grounded video on goanimate: YOU ARE GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED FOR 393904003050 YEARS! GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!
by johnjacky February 13, 2015
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GoAnimate (stylized as Go!Animate until 2013) is a site created that let users create their own videos with text-to-speech characters. Although the site has shown that they are obviously geared more toward the buisness side, a lot of users have been using the site to upload videos of widely known TV characters, such as Barney, Elmo, Caillou, and Dora, with plenty of profanity, violence, sexual content, and even more, that have racked up tens of thousands of views on sites such as YouTube. The company did NOT want themselves to turn out this way, so the result was slowly over time erasing voices, characters, and replacing non-professional themes with business themes. People still used GoAnimate, so they did something HUGE. The company announced that they were going to switch from Flash to HTML5, but most suppose they just did this because they didn't want to tell GoAnimaters the truth. Once they switched from HTML5, they were going to raise the prices to over $300 a month, and take away themes such as Comedy World, Lil' Peepz, and more. These were by far the most popular themes on the site.
Here's what a GoAnimate video plot looks like:

Caillou and Dora git gruoneded 40 reazons chuck chezz:
-Caillou and Dora at school-
Caillou: Dora this is burritotototototo
Dora: Let's get loot martin ask question askeeeeeeeeeuuuuohaohaouahau
Ms. Martin: -deep voiced- Bathroom pass reject or homework!!!!
-Caillou and Dora escape and laugh-
Caillou: It is the signature epidemicimediceineioiosioidotcomdotcomdotcom
Dora: Maaaaaayyyyyuoouououude it lets go eat
-Caillou and Dora play at Chuck E Cheeses-
-Parents randomly come-
Caillou's Dad: Stop being a ground nooooooooou martin got pee duvayou 33 eeeee year ground we dont care
Dora: -randomly stretches- I want a chance i am worthyyyyyyyeyeyeyeye dot net mikrosoft mikrosoft mikrosoft
Dora's Dad: menemenemnemenmnemnemenmenenemenmenmenemnemnemnnemenemnememenemnnemneeemee dora get into the swat team helecopter u are sooooooooou ground ground ground grounses why is this so long nouuououououou
-Video ends-
I r8 8/8 m8 gr8
by insert stuff here November 23, 2015
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GoAnimate is pretty much just an animating program that is for kids who have no sense of humor to go to to make videos like Caillou "gets grounded", which consist of him doing a simple action and his parents appearing out of nowhere and grounding him.
Who tf uses GoAnimate anymore? Like wtf?
by Hats2Sale November 18, 2017
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some website where retarded 6 year olds try to be edgy by making poorly animated adult versions of little kids shows.
I have nothing to say about goanimate. read the definition
by sorrwo April 4, 2018
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Fun website to use when you're bored. Those "punishment day" videos are awful though
Mack: What are you doing?

Ren: Making a GoAnimate video.

Mack: Cool!
by Raspberry Necessary 35 April 3, 2022
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A so-called "animation program" used by autistic manchildren who have an IQ of -76, and obsess over weird things like logos, windows errors, shitty crossovers, and vhs openings
The GoAnimator: GoAnimate Is Good You Are Just A Hater.
A sane individual: People like you shouldn't exist, then the world would be a better place
by Batang Bibbo August 16, 2021
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