"go Vee en". "V" symbolizes the female crotch, aka (V). "Go hunt down and fuck some pussy!"
"Let's go to the bar and goVen!"
by Wolfman Jack, III July 31, 2006
possible beneficiary of right wing coup in california
is that a govenator in your pocket or are you just happy to see me
by slard September 15, 2003
A translation of the Golden Rule made by Jeff Goven aka "The Grapplin' Chaplain"...
The Goven Rule: "Always interact with others on the basis of honest mutual consent".
by Kahdlibber November 2, 2017
Something so ridiculous that it will make you want to kill any kitten no matter how adorable they are.
Tommy: Wow, did you know that guy's name is Gabe.
Tyreese: lolz, what a govener griffon he is.
by iHax4fun December 26, 2009
the guy that kills everyon you love he is a character in the walking dead and he likes blowing things up with tanks and cutting old peoples heads off.
the govener is bad when you see him run
by govener February 14, 2018
An ungainly, decrepit entity that floats into your work space and sucks your time by you telling stories about their M.A. Can also be found in close proximity to the NAC.
Oh Fuck, here comes the Goven. Lock the door!

Oh Shit, I just got Govened. Now I'm totally fucked for time.
by Irate worker February 3, 2005