a nice way to tell someone to go soak your head, go shed some skin, get lost, get bent, and well, you know what I mean.
Scalper: I got U2 tickets at $800 - $900 a pop!

Curt: Go suck an egg!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice January 14, 2008
Phrase finder suggests that the saying originates from the dictionary definition of the term "suck-egg" which refers to:

- An animal that is reputed to suck eggs, e.g. a weasel; figuratively. an avaricious person.

It is also considered to be a dismissive insult similar to the term fuck off but is less abrasive.


It's a less-abrasive dismissive insult intended to be directed at someone who is being greedy.
Carl:(eating a tub of pudding)
Jane:...(saving two snack packs of pudding)
Carl: "Can I have some of your pudding?"(still eating his pudding)
Jane: "Go suck an egg."
by synonys March 12, 2019
Well it's about telling someone to go kill yourself but he spell it wrong
Go suck an egg quick before it gets worse
by Yayayayuayauausuusuahahsush March 10, 2018