To go in or proceed to go off.
To Not go bologna.
To do extra Stooped Goon shit.
"Say Bruh Bruh! Got Any ceral im blow'd as fuck"
"Yeh Got Some Ckookie Ckrisp and Ckaptain Ckrun5h"
"Well DAMN! Ima go HAM!
by 5LIME September 15, 2010
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The act of making someone 2 or possibly 3 ham sandwiches.
"Billy looks really hungry, I think I'll go ham on him"
by conoshan April 25, 2009
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to do something that isn't kosher to another fellow.
"John's bitch ass was fucking with my girl, so my crew went ham on his bitch ass."

"Go ham on these niggas!"
by BigJohn. February 22, 2010
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v. to literally go ham, as in the lunch meat. Can also be equivalent to going H.A.M., however both can be related to a club. Or to choose ham over another meat or vegetarian option.
'Did you see that episode of Invader Zim where he and Dib went ham?'
'Actually, they went bologna'

'Man you were crazy out there.'
'Yeah, when somebody antagonizes me I always go ham.'

'And what will you be having?'
'I'm gonna go ham.'
by somebitchnameddeltrice November 18, 2011
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To masturbate, jerk off, beat your meat to the point where you are so sweaty and numb that you can no longer feel any emotion
“Yo Hannah that Test was so stressful I’m bout to go Ham to feel de-stress” or “Omg Alecia he’s so hot I’m about to go ham
by Inceluprising November 02, 2019
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the act of having sex in a very intense manner, more intense than usual, sometimes a side-effect of smoking weed, causing the female to (usually) applaud the male for days.
Baby you went HAM last night! That sex was amazing! I LOVE it when you go ham baby!
by itsWhitt_biotch March 29, 2011
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when a black person personifies the evil of their supposed forefather Ham, who was cursed by God in the Christian Bible
all those rap songs that mention the phrase "go Ham"
by etymolojester October 12, 2011
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