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when a woman purchases a kit designed to bejewel her cellphone, but alternatively bejewels her entire vagina, inside and out.
"The I went down on her, but I temporarily lost sight because her glittoris was so fuckin' sparkly."
by kenny b October 10, 2006
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1. a clit covered in glitter

2. a gay man's clit
1. Damn, that is one sparkly glittoris! He must have a glitter addiction.
by thrid November 12, 2010
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1. adj. used like 'glitterous' as in something glittery. but it has a sexy/dirty connotation as well. (hence the two-letter difference to clitoris ) If you can't find the right words for someone/thing that is totally glitter and fun and magic and awesome and shit.. use glittoris.

2. name for someone who:

a. possesses the above qualities,
b. is obsessed with glitter and
c. loves to party&knows how to get a little dirty.

3. name for anything covered in glitter, from a sparkly top hat to a... clit
1. person: "Ohhhmigod who is that amazing chick over there?! She's so.. glittoris!"

friend: "Oh yeah, she's Glittoris."

2. "Oh snap, i MUST buy these shoes for the party this saturday! they're just so glittoris!"
by thesmartstupid July 09, 2012
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